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The "I've heard that voice before!" guy.

Education, Insdustrial, Explainer 


Accent-free, clear, and the perfect voice for explainer, engineering or corporate  training videos, medical, legal and a myriad of other uses where clarity is not only important but essential  to your success. .



From selling a product to corporate spokesperson building a strong company brand, you'll say to yourself; "I've heard that voice before! "  And now you have that voice representing you and your company.. .

Character Voices 


Looking for an animated voice?
Then make sure you check out the video below. From bouncy and fun all they down to the grouch next door and several flavors in between. 

3 really quick video samples

Each category below has a running time under 2 minutes each.

Int'l & Corporate - 1 min. 56 sec.

Ultra-clear explanations whether it's technical, telephone or teaching.

Commercial- 1 min. 37 sec.

Selling products, imaging shows or building a corporate brand.

Character Voices - 1 min. 8 sec.

Sometimes you need a little cartoon sound to get your point across.

tips on Scripts

(All the copywriter veterans can take a break here.)

  • If you're new to script writing for voice over actors...

    remember that there is a big difference between composing a script, writing a script, reading a script silently to yourself and reading it out loud (or "voicing it out loud") for others..

  • Write your script(s) for the voice and not just for the eye...

    When you're writing or even reading a script to yourself, there's one little thing you don't have to do that voice over artists do need to do:  BREATHE!
    Try not to compose sentences that are very long with no natural pauses.

  • Don't forget to "write for the ear" at the same time. Which means...

    When compared to conversational speech, most people tend write in a more formal rather than conversational style.  Loosen up and write your script like you're having a chat with a friend.
    If American English isn't your first language, we might make suggestions so you ideas flow better.

  • Test it with a stopwatch

    There are a number of free  "Words to Time" calculators available on the net where you simply paste in your script and it tells you how long it will take based on the number of words and syllables etc.  You do have some control over speed, but at an average pace, you won't be able to fit more than about 45 words in a 15 second announcement... .

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